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See the Beach at Praia da Luz on Webcam

If you are desperate for a beach 'fix' but just can't go at the moment then perhaps a few minutes watching the Praia da Luz beach webcam will help to lift your spirits.

There is no doubt that nothing is quite the same as being on a beautiful beach like Praia da Luz in real life, but when you just can't get here then watching what is going on there can be a boost!!

The Meo Beachcam is pretty good in that its images are clear and it scans across the bay showing in turns the beach, the sea and the Rocha Negra. You can watch people heading out in boats and on inflatables, yachts sailing past and although there is no sound you can almost hear the sea and the hubub of fun and children laughing and playing just from the images!!

The same page also has current beach and sea temperatures, wind speed etc which are an interesting addition. Why not take a look? It's free of course!

Just click on the screenshot below to go to the MEO Beachcam page for Praia da Luz

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