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Dancing in the Street in Lagos

Beautiful Lagos is very close to Praia da Luz. It is just a 12 minute drive from Apartamento Azul and a really lovely historic town. It has a gorgeous marina, old Roman walls and a historic market, now a fish market which has a tragic past as a slave market.

Many people describe Lagos as the most beautiful city on the Algarve. Whenever we holiday at Apartamento Azul we will always visit Lagos, either to go to one of its beautiful beaches, to see the spectacular cliffs from a kayak or from the promontory the Ponte de Piedade or to wander the lively bustling streets and stop for a drink and perhaps a great meal.

I was captivated to see this Facebook post the other day showing relaxed, beautiful and romantic partner dancing in one of the lovely open tree lined squares that run along the Ribeira de Bensafrim (Bensafrim River) near the Castelo de Lagos (Castle of Lagos). I will definitely be seeking this out to sit and watch for a while next time I am there!!

My knowledge of partner dancing is limited to an education from Strictly Come Dancing, but I think this is a tango! Enjoy!!! Click on the photo to see the video.

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