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Panorama over praia da luz


The roof terrace at Apartamento Azul is a real feature with spectacular views in all directions including to the sea, cliffs overlooking the beach and also the rooftops of Praia da Luz itself. You can't quite see the beach, but you can often see the waves breaking and people or boats just on the shoreline.

The rooftop terrace is shared by the other 7 apartments, but it is rare to find anyone else up there. Some apartments are lived in permanently so their residents rarely use the terrace and of the rented few it is unusual to have more than 2 or 3 in use at any time.

Apartamento Azul has folding chairs or sunbeds that can be used on the roof terrace or by the pool side as desired

roof terrace chairs 2.jpeg
Luz cliffs and sea view


The pool at the apartments is sheltered and secluded.  There is a poolside shower and it is a great place to cool off after a day at the beach or out sightseeing. Altenatively bring a chair or sunbed down poolside and relax in the sun, taking dips to cool off if it gets a bit too warm!

In the photo below the rear balcony of Apartamento Azul is the top right balcony . It is accessed from the rear of the lounge. It is shaded in the morning , but the sun comes over in the afternoon.

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